Trafford’s leading Labour politician, Cllr Andrew Western, has penned a forcefully written letter to, the recently appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt MP, demanding his economic plans do not turn the clock back to austerity leaving the borough’s residents to pay the price once again for Tory failures.

Within just 72 hours of becoming the Liz Truss’s second chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has abandoned not just his former predecessor’s planned tax cuts, but the government’s entire growth strategy and scaled back on energy support.

In the letter, Cllr Western, writes: “Under the leadership of Trafford’s Labour-led administration, it is already doing everything it can to support families through the Conservatives cost of living crisis.

While the Conservatives were busy crashing the economy, Labour has been fighting to provide the support and services people need the most.

Our residents should not continue to pay the price for Tory failures.

Do not take your catastrophic failures and mistakes out on us.”

don't take your catastrophic financial mistakes out on us