Trafford Labour Group
Trafford Labour Group

As Trafford Council turns 50, there’s a lot to celebrate. 

From attracting national venues like the Imperial War Museum North, to working in partnership with our big sporting arenas.

From building thousands of new homes for people to live in, giving our young people a chance to remain in the area they grew up, to investing millions into regenerating our town centres.

From revitalising our leisure services and transforming Trafford’s biggest park, to working with our incredible schools, colleges, and Trafford’s first university, UA92.  

From providing support to our communities throughout the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, to taking the necessary steps to tackle our climate crisis.

As we celebrate 50 years of Trafford, Trafford Labour are looking forward to shaping the future.

Trafford Labour will continue to celebrate, support and value our diverse communities. 

We will aim to do this by:

  1. Giving every child the best start
  2. Ensuring people live healthy and independent lives
  3. Providing a thriving economy and homes for all 
  4. Addressing our climate crisis
  5. Ensuring culture, sport and heritage are accessible to everyone

Since 2010, Conservative-led governments have starved Trafford Council of around £288m.  

The financial challenge faced by councils across the country remains critical.  

Trafford Labour will always put sound financial management at the centre of everything we do while continuing to campaign for fairer funding for our residents.

We have ambitious and deliverable plans for Trafford, where everyone will have the opportunity to thrive.

Trafford Labour will always be on your side. Together we will create a fairer, healthier, and more inclusive place to live. 

Click the link to view the Trafford Labour Manifesto 2024.

Tom Ross

Leader of Trafford Labour 

Remember polling day is Thursday, 2 May.