Thousands of Trafford residents who will plunge further into poverty due to the cost-of-living crisis can access a multitude of services to help ease the stress and financial fears so many families now face.

Trafford Council’s Labour-led administration has orchestrated a catalogue of help and information so that those people who are living on the breadline due to central government slashing benefits, the cripplingly costs of energy coupled with personal financial uncertainty can access support.

By working strategically with partners from across the borough a swathe of much-needed services have been pulled together, in a bid to assist anyone facing hardship, as residents brace themselves for the some of the most difficult weeks and month ahead.

Residents will have access to the borough’s extremely valued:

  • Trafford Citizens Advice Service, which will receive additional funding to help the vulnerable
  • 3,000 winter wellbeing packs targeted at those who have been in hospital and need support
  • Staffed Community Hubs
  • Access to free, safe, warm and comfortable places with the offer of a meal
  • Support networks offering money advice
  • Housing Associations delivering additional support

Spearheading the package of measures is Trafford Labour’s, Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Strategic Partnerships, Cllr Joanne Harding.

In a recent meeting of Full Council, Cllr Harding, and fellow colleagues, forcefully backed the measures – and lay the blame for the persisting, unimaginable financial pressures their residents face firmly at the door of 10 Downing Street.

“This cost-of-living crisis can only be labelled as catastrophic for anyone fearful of losing their home, of turning the heating on, of not being able to afford feed their children or even buy the basic essentials to live on,” argued Cllr Harding, adding: “It is widely accepted that this crisis will bite hard and deep and the inevitable impact to our residents’ lives will be harsh, long-lasting with some never being able to recover.

“The stigma around poverty, blatantly being ignored by the Tory government, is insidious – shirkers, feckless and lazy.

“This crisis is not the fault of this council, its staff, and our wonderful residents, it is and without question, the fault of this government, which – and for all to see – has its own internal crisis to currently deal with.”

There are currently plans in place to possibly aim to have community hubs for people to access freely in Altrincham, Partington, Old Trafford, Sale, Stretford and Urmston, between 9am and 7pm.

The Living Room Scheme in Partington is due to open by the end of October in addition to Streford Public Hall launching its weekly warmer this month.

More spaces for people to go and visit will also be available in the very near future.

Cllr Harding added: “As the economic uncertainty, job insecurity and general anxiety about what may happen in the future takes hold of our residents, these types of desperate living conditions will mean thousands of people may die as a direct result of this crisis.

“I’m, therefore, so grateful, for all the fantastic work Trafford Labour Group, our community hubs, staffed my amazing volunteers, and all our partners from across the borough are doing to support our residents and businesses during this time of great uncertainty.”

For help and support visit: Trafford Living Rooms | Trafford Community Hubs ( or call:  Trafford Citizens Advice Service free on: 0808 278 7803.