Trafford Labour has launched its six key pledges which form the building blocks of the party’s 2023 manifesto and sets out how it will transform the borough if successful during May’s local elections.

In a major speech on Sunday, Trafford Council leader, Cllr Tom Ross, presented Trafford Labour’s key pledges and positive plan for residents across the borough.

The pledges cover six broad themes:

  • Invest almost £50m into children and young people
  • Invest millions into housing and regeneration
  • Celebrate sport, art and culture
  • Deliver a cleaner, greener borough
  • Tackle inequality
  • Get the basics right

Cllr Ross was joined by local activists and candidates all keen to see Labour focused on the things that matter most to Trafford residents.

“The pledges set out in our manifesto are not just another word for priorities and promises – they signal what a Labour-led borough would continue to do differently by addressing the root cause of a series of complex issues,” said Cllr Ross.

“Labour will put children and young people at the heart of everything it does; address the issues surrounding poverty, health and well-being and tackle inequality.

“But there is also so much to celebrate, Trafford is renowned for its sport, art and culture scene – and due to a Labour-led administration we are on track to deliver high-quality affordable housing across the borough.

“The focus for Trafford must now be to build on its successes – and Labour believe this will be done through further investment in high-quality services.”

Labour pledges to use every opportunity to grow the economy and make Trafford a safer, greener, vibrant, and inclusive place for everyone who lives, works, and visits.

Deputy leader, Cllr Catherine Hynes, Executive Member for Children Services, echoed her colleague’s comments, adding: “Our six key pledges will set Trafford on the right track for continued success.

“Under a Labour leadership no one will be left behind because we are determined that everyone will have the best start in life with access to quality schools, colleges, and training.

“We recognise that excellence can emerge only out of opportunity.

“Labour has a clear set of priorities for all Trafford residents – and a long-term plan to further unlock the borough’s pride and purpose.”

To access Trafford Labour’s manifesto visit:

Manifesto Launch
Manifesto Launch