Trafford Labour: delivering on our promises

Trafford Labour continues to have a determined focus on delivering the local services you value. This has been accomplished by investing in services and by taking every opportunity to grow the economy.

Last year, we pledged to make Trafford a safer, greener, vibrant, and inclusive place for everyone who lives, works, and visits here. With your support over the last 12 months, we are proud to say, we continue to make progress.

This has been possible through strong financial management and by safeguarding and protecting our frontline services.

Trafford Labour put the needs and wishes of residents at the heart of every decision made.

These included:

  1. Investing millions in our leisure centres

Trafford Labour values leisure services for our residents. By working with key partners, millions have been invested into our leisure centres to create modern and fit for purpose facilities. This has all been done by drawing on inspiration from the previously redeveloped and highly successful Move Urmston.

  1. Schools continue to thrive 

Under Trafford Labour all schools continue to thrive with outstanding results. And we have created over 4,000 new school places with plans for more – including additional Special School spaces.

  1. Securing millions for our green spaces and libraries

Over the last year, we have worked to secure millions of pounds of external funding to further enhance our green spaces including over £3m for Longford Park and £1m for Crossford Playing Fields. Improving our libraries has proved hugely successful with the transformation of Hale Library and plans for Sale Library are coming soon.

  1. Investing millions in our town centres

Trafford Labour are using investment to improve towns across the borough. Work has started on Stretford’s transformation, where we aim to deliver new homes, jobs, businesses, and open spaces for everyone to enjoy. In Altrincham, the Stamford Quarter regeneration is also well-underway.

  1. New homes have been delivered

This year, Trafford Council purchased properties to use as temporary accommodation. This will provide a wider range of homes for people in need and help us reduce the pressure on our housing sector. Under Trafford Labour, in the last year, almost 250 affordable houses and 147 social rented homes have been built in the borough.

  1. Creating safe and sustainable travel

We are giving people more choice in how they can get around our borough. This includes the delivery of new, safer crossings and dedicated walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure. We’re supporting safe travel options for our children through the creation of new school streets with the aim of reducing  traffic around school times.

  1. Supported the installation of EV charging points

Trafford is leading the way in Greater Manchester with the introduction of hundreds of new EV charging points across the borough. This means residents and visitors can access the network; taxis can decarbonise by accessing our EV infrastructure, and we can electrify more of the council’s vehicle fleet.

  1. Worked to keep Trafford’s recycling rates one of the best in the country 

Trafford continues to have one of the best recycling rates in the country. This has been achieved by working with residents to help them recycle and reduce waste better. Here in Trafford, we recycle over 58pc of the contents of residents’ bins. We have the 13th highest waste statistics in the country and belong to the top 20 recyclers out of 333 local authorities in England.

  1. Supported partnership work to keep residents safe

We know how important it is for people to feel safe where they live. This year, the council’s Community Safety team changed the way it managed its CCTV service for the purpose of making our streets safer by focusing on anti-social hotspots.  We also worked alongside the police to tackle knife crime so that we can keep our children and young people safe. We supported community initiatives to reduce violence against women and girls. We also built on our partnership work with neighbourhood policing teams. And protected vulnerable people by using closure orders to clampdown illegal activities.

  1. Directly supported community hubs to help thousands of residents

We supported our six major community hubs, which operate across all of Trafford. The teams that work and volunteer there do an outstanding job supporting our communities. They provide everything from distributing food, essentials, to giving welfare advice. They have financially supported over 2,000 residents during the cost-of-living crisis.

What can you expect from Trafford Labour in the future?

Our focus now is to build on these achievements, making sustainable plans that will shape the future of this forward thinking, welcoming and diverse borough for decades.

Trafford Labour will prioritise giving children and young people the best start in life through money to support education and targeted youth services.

We will make culture, sport, arts and leisure accessible to all by shining a spotlight on our unique heritage and culture scene in addition to providing further investment.

It is vital that we ensure people live healthy independent lives, so providing support at home to our vulnerable residents will remain a priority.

Our ambitions to tackle the climate emergency and reduce carbon emissions through active travel and the decarbonisation of public buildings also remains at the top of the council’s agenda.

Labour has deliverable, ambitious and radical plans for the entire borough and its residents.

We hope that you will once again put your trust in us to carry on delivering and protecting the services that matter the most to you.