Pupils have swapped their school lift for a school stroll as they make their way to St Hugh of Lincoln R C Primary on their Walking Bus.

You can’t miss the youngsters; they can be spotted wearing their fluorescent yellow jackets with the name of their school posted on the back.

The initiative, which began more than 15 years ago, starts each school day from the Urmston pub at 8.15am then travels down Humphrey Lane, under the bridge coming out opposite Lostock College then left onto Chatsworth Road.

It’s a slick operation, which enables between 10-21 children from reception age to year six to walk to school safely, accompanied by a member of staff and a parent volunteer.

Although there are some other Walking Bus schemes in Trafford, the Acting Headteacher Adrian Smith, and Labour councillor Jill Axford, who represents Lostock and Barton Ward, are keen to see more.

Mr Smith said: “We are very proud of our Walking Bus, which operates daily come rain or shine!

“It really benefits families with work commitments and encourages the children to walk to school.

“It also reduces the number of cars being parked near the school because this has become a real issue – our fear is that there could be an accident.”

Cllr Axford, who is championing the scheme said it was really exciting to find out about the Walking Bus during a visit to the school.

She added: “I would love to see every primary school in Trafford in a position to provide this opportunity.

“The Walking Bus not only allows our children to walk safely to school, helping them to feel part of the community, but also demonstrates to other parents and children that walking is a safe option.

“It also helps reduce school traffic and so contributes to improving the air quality around our schools.

“I really enjoyed accompanying the Walking Bus and I would like to thank all the amazing volunteers who have made it such a huge success.”