Plans to continue to trial the popular shopping delivery robots spotted driving around the borough have been backed by Trafford Labour ward councillors.

The scheme, launched in March, has been labelled a huge success and proved to be invaluable to some residents while also reducing a significant amount of vehicle trips for other shoppers.

The initial six-month trial was agreed between Starship Technologies, the creators of the Personal Delivery Devices (PDDs), Co-op, and Trafford Council, following other highly successful pilot schemes in the UK and abroad.

The latest figures show, the PPDs have reduced over 1,000 CO2 emissions by replacing almost 3,000 car journeys; delivered to nearly 10,000 homes and made 57,000 road crossings safely.

The miniature-sized robotic grocery baskets have proved to be real head-turners amongst Sale residents, which was the base of the initial rollout.

However, don’t let their cute looks fool you – they’re tough – weighing 35kg and standing 55cm tall, they can deliver up to three bags of shopping, climb pavements, avoid objects and pedestrians, even detect obstacles such as moving cars up to 300m away.

Wondering what happens if a PDD is intercepted on its journey? Well, it triggers a very loud siren sending a message that it’s in trouble.

So, there is no messing with these six-wheeled door-to-door robotic delivery machines.

Plans have now been tabled to extend the exciting initiative for an extra six months plus the PDDs will be available to order groceries from additional Co-op stores in Davyhulme, Flixton, Timperley Central and Ashton upon Mersey.

The service can be accessed by downloading the Starship app, entering your location, grocery list, and payment.

Local councillors have praised the eco-friendly scheme saying it will revolutionise how some potentially isolated and vulnerable people shop.

The scheme has already proved to be a game-changer for those who find carrying heavy bags a struggle or who just need one or two items making that ‘quick trip’ to the shop by car avoidable.

They said: “Once residents get the hang of how the service works it will definitely be an extra resource for them to use throughout the day and evening.

“Another great story to tell here is, the robots are zero emission meaning it is another fantastic green scheme that will add to the swathe of eco projects Trafford Labour is already involved with.

“It is bold and innovative schemes like this that can only be a good thing and help boost Trafford’s green credentials even further.”

A decision to continue to support the scheme was approved by members of Trafford Council’s Executive yesterday (Monday).

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