Bucklow St. Martin councillors have branded possible the closure of Partington Post Office a devastating blow that will impact the entire community.

However, a Post Office spokesperson has confirmed the company is committed to keeping the branch open.

In a joint letter to its Chief Executive, Nick Read, Cllrs James Wright and Aidan Williams expressed their deep concern about the closure planned for August.

Cllrs Wright and Williams wrote: “In this context local facilities are all the more important – yet in recent times we have seen the steady erosion of local services – as shops, pubs and other outlets have all closed down.

“With no rail or tram station and a long bus ride to neighbouring centres, the closure of any facility in Partington is keenly felt.

“The closure of the Post Office would be a devastating blow for Partington, leaving a whole community of 8,000 people bereft of vital services.”

The Hall Lane Post Office provides a catalogue of much-needed support for residents such as banking facilities, letter and parcel services plus the ability to pay bills and acquire vehicle documents.

Located on the periphery of Greater Manchester the area has historically suffered from limited transport links and poor connectivity.

This has exacerbated socio-economic problems, which makes the community amongst the most deprived in Trafford.

However, a Post Office spokesperson said: “As you may be aware the current postmaster has submitted their notice to leave, and the branch is due to close.

“You’ll be pleased to know that we are currently advertising the opportunity to run Partington Post Office on our website.

“It is our intention to continue a service in Partington with as little disruption as possible, but we do understand how important Post Office services are to communities, so please accept our apologies for the concern this may have caused local residents.

“Thank you for contacting us and please be assured that as soon as we do have an update about Partington Post Office or a confirmed plan to maintain a service, we will of course update stakeholders and the community with the details.”