It is just days away until Trafford will go to the polls with all 63 seats up for grabs triggered by recent boundary changes meaning this is the council’s first all-out election since 2004.

This year all voters will be given three opportunities to support their local Labour candidates but, with one other significant difference, photo ID must be shown to vote in person.

Here is an opportunity to meet one of our new Labour candidates, Ulrich Savary, who is asking for your support to elect him to represent the residents of Broadheath Ward.

Ulrich, 42, and originally from France, has lived in the UK for 15 years, and has been a Broadheath resident for over a decade.

He runs a successful mortgage brokerage firm also based in Broadheath.

Ulrich is also heavily involved within the Jewish community – and in local politics and has held senior roles at branch level.

Ahead of Thursday’s election, Ulrich discusses his introduction to politics; his passion for Broadheath; Labour’s reception on the doorstep; and his thoughts on how he can make a difference if elected to represent the area.

Q) What inspired you to put yourself forward as a local Labour candidate?

I have been involved in politics since a teenager, and like some people I left and then came back to it again, said Ulrich.

I have also been heavily involved within the Jewish Labour movement for many years – and I am the secretary for the Altrincham and Broadheath branch.

And, ultimately, I want to be a councillor to represent my community because I’m extremely passionate about where I live.

Q) You speak about Broadheath with such enthusiasm – can you explain why?

I just love everything about where I live – it really is that simple, Ulrich explained.

I have everything I need right on my doorstep plus the schools and transport links are great, so getting around is really easy.

In addition, Broadheath has a very diverse community because people from all over the world live here making it a very special and unique area – and I feel very fortunate to live here.

But then Trafford as a whole has a fantastic reputation for being such a welcoming borough.

I think with my local knowledge coupled with my political interest means I have a lot to offer – and I hope residents will see and believe that.

Essentially, I want to work hard to support and represent my fellow residents and neighbours.

Q) What are the main issues that people have spoken to you about during your numerous doorstep campaigning sessions?

National politics has been mentioned a few times in particular the very few days Liz Truss was charged with running the country and almost crashed the economy.

But most people mentioned local politics especially the former Tory-led administration saying while they were charge, they had no firm plans and no direction for the borough.

Meanwhile, Labour campaigners have been well received and people have been very supportive and are noticing a lot of positive changes under Labour’s leadership.

Q) How do you plan to support the residents of Broadheath, if elected?

I will champion for further improvements to Woodstock Park.

I’m currently involved in trying to set up a ‘Friends of Group’ in order to start making the area more accessible and interesting for the community.

Q) Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey – and I hope that the residents of Broadheath will put their trust in me and my fellow colleagues, Denise Western and Amy Whyte, and use all their three votes for Labour on Thursday.

To read the Trafford Labour 2023 manifesto visit: