It was a very interesting start to the week!

I was very keen to visit R4GM (Recycle for Greater Manchester) at the Renew Hub Visitors Centre in Trafford Park.

I was also fortunate to be given a guided tour with David Taylor, Director of Waste and Resources and members of his team.

The hub is a place where all your donated items end up – then they’re checked, repaired, or upcycled.

The goods are then shipped to one of the three Renew Shops for resale.

And I’m proud that right here in Trafford we’re taking brave and innovative steps to control our waste.

The hub also encourages members of the public to visit, which I highly recommend.

Further information can be found here.

This project is certainly taking recycling to another level.  And I take a particular interest given my role as the lead member for Green City-Region at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

On Tuesday, I visited the Council’s Adults Safeguarding Hub.

The work undertaken here cannot be underestimated, as the safety of our most vulnerable residents is at the heart of everything they do.

This visit was a great opportunity for me to familiarise myself with their work and understand some of the challenge they face.

A huge thank you to everyone involved for striving to give the very best service to our residents.

I spent much of the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday in meetings and preparing for events later in the week.

While on Thursday, I was joined by my colleague Cllr Aidan Williams, the council’s Executive Member for Climate Change, following an invite to attend the Green Technology Launch at Trafford College’s Stretford Campus.

The college has launched a new teaching hub that will futureproof students with the skills and knowledge they need to rollout green technologies at pace.

It is vitally important to up-skill students in this specialised area because we will need a fully equipped workforce to drive new and innovative green technology in order to stay on plan, as we strive for carbon neutrality by 2038.

I applaud the work that is being undertaken here.  And I look forward to returning to the campus soon.

On Thursday afternoon, I was interviewed by the marketing team at South Manchester Credit Union.  The Credit Union had seen a recent article about me completing the GM Ringway Walking Trail and they were keen to speak to me as part of a blog to their members.  I’m looking forward to seeing the final blog and also returning to the Ringway later in July.

On Friday, I travelled to Tameside to attend the meeting of the GMCA.

I was pleased to table my first paper titled – Integrated Water Management Plan – alongside colleagues, Mayor Andy Burnham, and Deputy Mayor Kate Green.

Without getting too technical in my review, the plan is the product of work commissioned in partnership with the Combined Authority, United Utilities, and the Environment Agency.

Essentially, it will accelerate the implementation of a natural flood management in key locations.

This will help reduce carbon emissions while at the same time improve our resilience to climate change and benefit nature.

It is great to be involved with such a ground-breaking initiative and see Greater Manchester leading the way on this a very important matter.

I will sign off for now.  As always, have an enjoyable weekend.

Best wishes,


Council Leader, Cllr Tom Ross pictured with Cllr Aidan Williams and the team at Trafford College
Council Leader, Cllr Tom Ross pictured with Cllr Aidan Williams and the team at Trafford College's Stretford Campus