It is just days away until Trafford will go to the polls with all 63 seats up for grabs triggered by recent boundary changes meaning this is the council’s first all-out election since 2004.

This year, all voters will be given three opportunities to support their local Labour candidates but, with one other significant difference, photo ID must be shown to vote in person.

Here is an opportunity to meet one of our new Labour candidates, Oliver Baskerville, who is asking for your support to elect him to represent the residents of Sale Moor ward.

Oliver, 36, is married to Samantha with two young children and has lived in Sale for just over two years – a move they made to be closer to family and friends.

Oliver, who previously studied economics and politics at The University of Manchester, works freelance in mass participation in national sports events.

He has also worked for a charity whose purpose was to encourage people to get fit, healthy, and active.

Ahead of Thursday’s election, Oliver, discusses his passion for politics, and for Sale Moor, and his thoughts on how he can make a difference if elected to represent the area.

Q) What inspired you to put yourself forward as a local Labour candidate, Oliver?

I have always had a keen passion for politics; even while I was studying at university I had ambitions, even back then, to become a Trafford councillor.

Like some, I did put politics aside for a while. But then my interest was sparked by a change of tack within the party and realising what Labour can do – and how being in power can really change people’s lives for the better.

Q) What are the main issues that people have spoken to you about during your numerous doorstep campaigning sessions?

I think most people feel a bit jaded with national politics now – they’re mostly interested in local issues like road repairs and school places.

But that is why I want to represent my local community because my experiences are the same as theirs, so I do understand local issues and, if elected, I can hopefully help resolve them.

Q) How would you support your local community, if elected, Oliver?

I’m really passionate about the area I live in.

All aspects of a local community and the power it holds to impact positive change is something I feel very strongly about.

It’s that sense of community pride with an added bonus of being able to help residents in some way or lobby for improvements to a local park, for example.

That is something that I would truly embrace and, ultimately, it would be a privilege to represent the residents of Sale Moor.

Q) Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey – and I sincerely hope that the residents of Sale moor put their trust in me and my fellow colleagues, Liz Patel and Joanne Bennett, and use all their three votes for Labour on Thursday.

To read the Trafford Labour 2023 manifesto visit: