It’s been a while since my last update but that’s for a good reason.  Much of April and early May was taken up with local election campaigning, where I was seeking re-election, supporting our other candidates, and campaigning on behalf of Andy Burnham for Mayor of Greater Manchester.

During the campaign we launched our 2024 Trafford Labour Manifesto, delivered thousands of pieces of literature and knocked on thousands of doors.  The campaign concluded with our polling day operation, where I was on the 7am shift and finished up around 8pm that day.  I worked out that this was the 20th Trafford local election polling day I’ve been involved with, and the most interesting aspect is that although the technology we rely on during the day has advanced, the basic principles remain the same.  Every single vote counts.

The Election Count took place the day after polling day.  Whilst I always enjoy polling day, I’m always incredibly nervous when it comes to the results.  This year was no different as I stood watching the ballot boxes being emptied onto the Stretford & Humphrey Park counting tables- watching democracy in action is always a humbling experience.  In the end I received 2032 votes and 59% of the vote, for which I am very grateful.

Further afield Trafford Labour candidates held all the seats we were defending and we also gained two.  Keleigh Glenton won for Labour in Manor Ward by 30 votes, whilst Ulrich Savary won by 6 votes.  As I wrote earlier, every single vote counts.

Throughout that 48 hours, hundreds of council employees were working hard to ensure the election remained free, fair and compliant with election law.  Every year elections pose a logistical challenge and involve a lot of planning and hard work. I am very grateful to everyone involved in the process this year.

Labour now hold 43 of the 63 councillors serving Trafford Council.  It is great to welcome three new faces to the team- Keleigh and Ulrich will work incredibly hard for the residents of Manor and Broadheath, and George Devlin will be a fantastic addition to our Group and a brilliant ward councillor for the residents of Gorse Hill & Cornbrook.

Each of the 43 members of the Labour Group in Trafford are committed to serving our residents to their best ability and we are all conscious of the responsibility we have to the people we represent.  Trafford is a place of opportunities and we want to do all we can to realise the potential the Borough and our people have.  We’re also aware that local government continues to face many challenges, particularly when it comes to finances, and we will continue to work closely with our officers to deliver and manage balanced budgets.  We will also continue to lobby the UK Government to provide us with fairer funding for our residents.

Business as usual returned this week with several meetings- including our Ambitions for Children Board and an update progress in Adult Social Care.  My usual updates will resume from next week, however I wanted to end this one with one last reflection.

When I was first elected in 2008 I joined a group of 18 other Labour councillors.  To be here in 2024 leading a group of 43 councillors is a privilege and I promise to work hard on your behalf every single day.

Have a great weekend,


Cllr Tom Ross pictured during the recent election count.
Cllr Tom Ross pictured during the recent election count.