It is just days away until Trafford will go to the polls with all 63 seats up for grabs triggered by recent boundary changes meaning this is the council’s first all-out election since 2004.

This year, all voters will be given three opportunities to support their local Labour candidates but, with one other significant difference, photo ID must be shown to vote in person.

Here is an opportunity to meet one of our new Labour candidates, Eve Parker, who is asking for your support to elect her to represent the residents of Sale Central ward.

Eve, 35, who is married to James, was born and raised in Sale, and lives there with her son – and her two daughters attend the same local state primary school that she went to.

Her family is very much rooted in the local community because her daughters also play for the local football team, Ashton-on-Mersey FC, who train at Wellfield school.

Eve, also attend Sale Grammar School, and many of her friends still live locally.

She is a lecturer at The University of Manchester teaching religion and philosophy.

Eve, has also worked on gender justice programmes around the world for an INGO, where she campaigned to bring an end to violence against women and worked on social justice campaigns addressing issues such as poverty, racial justice, and human rights.

Q) What inspired you to put yourself forward as a local Labour candidate, Eve?

I have been involved with the Labour Party in many ways over the years, I know what a difference Labour can make in power, both nationally and locally.

Labour does not shy away from tackling inequalities and improving the lives of residents – including children and young people.

Having grown up in Trafford when it was under Tory control and seeing how much better it is now with Labour leading the borough, it is vital that we keep Trafford Labour, and I want to help make that happen.

So, I am putting myself forward because Sale is a great place to live, and I would like to work to improve the local area further.

I really want to make a difference for the place I love, and call home, and help Trafford deliver on a great manifesto that puts the needs of residents first.

Q) What are the main issues that people have spoken to you about during your numerous doorstep campaigning sessions?

I understand many of the day-to-day struggles many residents face after so many years of Tory austerity, and people are frustrated.

I have had people telling me on the doorstep, how terrified they are about the rise in gas and electricity bills, and food prices, as the cost-of-living crisis is a huge issue.

People are also concerned about affordable housing, and childcare costs, on top of other concerns such as local bin collections, potholes and protecting our beautiful green spaces here in Sale.

Q) How would you support your local community, if elected, Eve?

My experience in advocacy work will help in how I go about supporting residents in Sale, as a significant part of that work involved listening to what communities and individuals are saying, understanding what the main concerns are, and then working to bring about change.

So, I will work closely with local community groups, and local residents, and make sure they are heard and supported, and will persistently champion the needs of Sale residents.

Q) Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey – and I sincerely hope that the residents of Sale Central put their trust in me and my fellow colleagues, Barry Brotherton and Zak Deakin, and use all their three votes for Labour on Thursday.

To read the Trafford Labour 2023 manifesto visit: