Residents of Bucklow-St. Martins will go to the polls tomorrow to vote in a local by-election triggered by a recent resignation.

All voters will be given the opportunity to support their local Labour candidates but, with one other significant difference, photo ID must be shown to vote in person.

Here is an opportunity to meet our new Labour candidate, Frances Cosby, who is asking for your support to elect her to represent the residents of Bucklow-St. Martins ward.

Frances, 29, moved to Trafford two years ago with her partner, Zak, and beagle, Lilah.

She studied Philosophy and Politics at The University of Manchester and currently works for a strategic communications company with a focus on engaging with local communities.

Ahead of tomorrow’s election, Frances discusses her passion for politics and for the ward she wants to represent plus her thoughts on how she can make a difference if successfully elected.

What inspired you to put yourself forward as a local Labour candidate?

Since becoming politically active at school, I have always strongly identified with the Labour Party as the best way to deliver social justice because I have seen how the Party can change people’s lives for the better.

Having settled down in Trafford and made it my home, I wanted to become a local councillor to use my skills and experience to ensure people are represented and given more opportunities to get on in life.

What are the main issues that people have spoken to you about during your numerous doorstep campaigning sessions?

It is clear the cost-of-living crisis is making everyday life a struggle for many people.

There are also more local concerns relating to public transport, affordable housing, anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and adequate school places.

If elected, I will seek to work with the council to tackle these issues head-on and be a strong voice for residents.

How would you support your local community if elected?

Bucklow-St. Martins ward has a strong community and identity that I would be excited to get involved with.

I would support local initiatives to improve youth services to give better outcomes for younger people growing up in the area.

I am a passionate and hardworking individual and, if elected, I believe I can help make a real difference to residents’ lives.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey – and I sincerely hope that the residents of Bucklow-St. Martins put their trust in me to be their Labour representative.

To read the Trafford Labour 2023 manifesto visit: