A leading Labour politician has welcomed the announcement that Sale Fire Station is to remain staffed 24hours a day.

Cllr Ben Hartley, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Altrincham and Sale West, said he is grateful to Mayor Andy Burnham and his colleagues for listening to the concerns raised by Trafford residents.

Previously, there were plans to switch the fire station to a ‘day crew’ system in which it would be staffed between 8.30am and 6pm, but it would be unstaffed during the night between 6pm and 8.30am. Overnight, firefighters within four minutes of the fire station would be on call for any incident.

The idea behind the day crew system, was to make a £1 million saving for investment into two new engines at Manchester Central and Moss Side; as well as into specialist appliances like extendable turrets and turntable ladders.

Over the course of a consultation residents and Labour councillors spoke out against the idea out of concern for its impact on them.

At a recent meeting of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Mr Burnham said the authority acknowledged residents’ concerns and acted accordingly.

Sale’s fire station is to remain staffed 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, other investment is still possible including the replacement of 12 existing engines with up-to-date models.

Cllr Hartley, who represents Ashton Upon Mersey Ward, said: “Thanks to everyone for responding to the consultation and attending the public meetings.

“I know residents are very grateful for the hard work that the fire service and our firefighters do to keep us safe every day under the strain of difficult budgetary circumstances in which they have to operate.

“I also understand that there is a need for the fire service to respond to the changing risks in our community and there is much to welcome in the Fire Review.

“However, changing Sale Fire Station to ‘day crewing’ was just not a model that would work for our area.”



Pictured: Sale Fire Station.
Pictured: Sale Fire Station.