Trafford’s leading Labour politicians are united in their call to end masses of highly polluted sewage being dumped into the Manchester Ship Canal.

There is real fear that United Utilities has been discharging untreated sewage into the canal for months on end resulting in high levels of contaminated water while, at the same time, washing its hands of any wrong doing.

Trafford Council Leader, Cllr Andrew Western, backed by Labour colleagues, called for action – and permanent change – to ensure any discharges into the canal only occur when heavy rainfall temporarily exceeds the sewerage system’s capacity.

Cllr Western said: “The canal is of historic and economic importance used daily by Trafford residents, visitors, businesses and commuters who expect the place they live, relax and work, not to be destroyed.

“It is imperative that we place the health of the Manchester Ship Canal at the top of the agenda and commit to doing everything possible to keep such an iconic landmark pollution free, adding: “Only by working together can we effectively create a safer and cleaner environment for all.”

Currently, the North West’s water supplier United Utilities is in a legal battle with canal owners Peel L&P.

Its ask? That the Court should ban certain types of legal claims which challenge water companies for depositing untreated sewage into rivers.

The court concluded that the legal question was not a straightforward one and has granted the canal operators a chance to go to the Court of Appeal. The hearing is expected to take place in March.

This week, Cllr Western penned a letter to canal owner Peel L&P explaining his position including voicing his concerns while aligning his support in respect of the ongoing court case.


Read the letter in full here:

Letter to the Chief Executive of Peel,  Steven Underwood
Letter to the Chief Executive of Peel, Steven Underwood