Trafford Labour politicians have voiced their support of White Ribbon Day by tabling a motion calling for the end of misogyny and violence against women and girls.

The action is in support of a global initiative that strives to stop men being violent towards women; work which also aligns with Trafford Council’s wider domestic abuse agenda.

Speaking during the meeting of Full Council on Wednesday, Cllr Karina Carter, Lead Member for Education, called on central Government to prioritise violence against girls and include misogyny into hate crime legislation.

Cllr Carter explained that more than two million violent crimes towards women and girls had gone unnoticed in the past two years while only 17pc of women reported the crime to the police.

“This crime is happening everywhere. On every street, in every neighbourhood, in every classroom, in every workplace, and it is the sheer volume of victims that is the single reason why any significant progress cannot be made,” she said.

“These women and children are important, the impact on them, their families and communities is important. And the long lasting effects on their physical and mental health are important.

Cllr Carter, continued: “The Government needs to priorities violence against women and girls as one of its most critical issues. Recognising misogyny as a hate crime doesn’t create more crime, but it will help to identify the risks that women face in order to improve prevention and detection of these crimes.

“If the Government could incorporate misogyny into hate crime legislation – which it is already looking at – Ministers could send a powerful message about the seriousness of the treats and harm women face on a daily basis.

“After time of inaction it’s time for deeds not words from this Government.”

It is estimated that at least two women per week are murdered by a current or former partner and that almost one million children witness domestic abuse each year.

Cllr Joanne Harding, Executive Member for Adult Social Care, also spoke to the motion and described her personal experience of domestic abuse.

“I was pushed up against the wall and throttled. I wore a polo neck jumper in June to hide the finger marks on my neck,” said Cllr Harding.

“He said he was sorry, he didn’t mean it. He loved me that much that I sometimes made him angry.

“The next time he assaulted me he punched me that hard in the stomach I could barely breathe. Because I didn’t want to have sex with him.

“Bit by bit, piece by piece, I was being dismantled. My sunny, vibrant personality being erased.

“But I am not going to stop speaking out because this [issue] it’s too important.

“If I speak out and use my voice I may encourage other women to do the same.”

Cllr Harding asked colleagues to do everything they could to build a borough free from misogyny and violence, adding: “Be that person who speaks to your sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers and challenge ‘banter’ because it is not ok.

“Use your voice, your most powerful gift to support our ongoing work to end violence against women and girls.”

Trafford Town Hall will be lit up orange to mark the start of the ‘16 days to end violence against women campaign’ that will run from 25 November, UN International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day.

To read about the cause click here: White Ribbon Day 2021 — White Ribbon UK