Trafford Labour has laid out its plans to invest millions into developing a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

Cllr Stephen Adshead, Executive member for Environment and Air Quality, described various schemes in the pipeline as ‘innovative and forward thinking’.

Speaking during Wednesday’s Budget meeting Cllr Adshead, who represents Stretford ward, said he was proud to support a budget that provided ‘radical’ pathways to revolutionise the borough.

“There are plans to transform local areas with an investment strategy worth around £36m,” he said.

“This will revolutionise the borough’s cycling and walking routes – make short journeys quicker and safer – and give residents, workers and visitors more access to our fantastic town centres.

“This action will reduce congestion, pollution – and, moreover, our carbon footprint.”

The proposals will also be supplemented by an additional £10m to improve the network’s infrastructure.

A planting scheme worth almost £200,000 will help pay for hundreds of extra trees – and that is additional to the £50,000 of replacement work already being carried out across Trafford.

Proposals to introduce more environmentally friendly funerals have also been tabled as this could also help to significantly reduce harmful emissions.

Other investments include:

  • More highways and other key infrastructure – almost £15m
  • Leisure centre development – more than £11m
  • Support for vulnerable residents – more than £5m
  • Cycling and walking schemes – almost £5m
  • Town centre improvements – almost £4.5m
  • Town centre and business loans – almost £500,00

Cllr Adshead said: “In addition, we have been working on proposals to provide more Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.

“So when this administration is criticised for not doing enough to support the environment, it’s simply not true.”

“We can’t always agree to take action immediately, however, that does not mean we aren’t listening, or taking concerns seriously,” he added.