Labour Candidate for Brooklands, Fianna Hornby

Fianna Hornby, 29, lives in Sale with her partner and Whippet Bernie.

Fianna grew up between Blackburn and Preston, went to study at University of the Arts London and later moved to Manchester after getting a job at Salford University, where she also achieved an MSc. She is now settled in Trafford and works doing Communications in Manchester town centre.

Fianna is passionate about making sure women get the opportunities they deserve and is a Co-Director at Ladies That UX Manchester, a network for women in technology. In addition, she is a governor at Holy Family Primary school.

Over the last few years, she has supported your first ever Labour Councillors Steven Longden and Rose Thompson to be elected, including helping run Rose’s campaign, as her agent.

All the Brooklands team are proud to be active in the ward, where in more normal times they would be regularly canvassing door to door, to hear your issues and ideas.

She is very excited to take on the challenge to win Labour Brooklands’ final seat.

Contact Details:
Email: @fiannahornby | Facebook: fiannaforbrooklands