Trafford Labour is proud to present its local election manifesto that explains how ‘Labour is on your side in Trafford.’ 

Trafford Council Leader, Cllr Andrew Western, said: “The past year has been incredibly challenging for the people of Trafford. Our thoughts are of course with those who have lost loved ones during the pandemic as we make the tentative steps towards recovery.

We must focus our efforts in the months and years ahead on supporting those residents whose lives have been most adversely impacted by Covid-19, and on securing a just recovery from the pandemic.

Trafford Labour will be proud to lead this borough through its recovery from the pandemic and beyond.

We will do this with a focus on protecting our most vulnerable, investing in our children and young people, creating jobs and supporting innovation, and delivering on our carbon neutral action plan to ensure that our recovery is green and sustainable.

Trafford Labour will achieve this by continuing its work in protecting the borough’s most vulnerable residents, by investing more in children and young people, and by delivering a carbon neutral action plan that will ensure the economic recovery is green and sustainable.

Trafford Labour will always promote and strive to secure equality, diversity, accessibility, inclusivity, and tolerance reflecting the diverse communities it serves.

Adding to these pledges, the group will ensure that every person is treated in a fairly and equally – promises that are already embedded in policy and working practices.

Work has already begun to revise and update the authorities Equality Strategy – a critical document that had been completely ignored by the Tories since 2006.

Only Labour can lead a Council that is on the side of residents, not vested interests; a council that cares about people and the environment and actually gets things done.

You can read or download a copy of Trafford Labour Manifesto by clicking here

Remember Polling day is Thursday 6th May – only by voting for Labour can you ensure Trafford will move forward.